Graduated from the ENSCI - Les Ateliers (École Nationale Supérieur de Création Industrielle) in 2001. Gaëlle Gabillet works in Paris as a designer. In 1999, she created her first stage work for the Museum of Decorative Arts (1), and in 2002 set up her own creation studio. She works for many public and private institutions and recently created the "25 ans aujourd’hui" exhibition for the ENSCI – Les Ateliers, as well as the So Watt! – du design dans l’énergie exhibition for the EDF Foundation.

Gaëlle Gabillet considers that stage design constitutes a terrain for research and experimenting in design. For her, what matters is not so much the relationship with space, in the sense of interior layout, but rather the relationship to the object and the subject of the exhibition itself. The materials, the scale relationships and the forms used closely reflect this (2).

The manner in which the exhibitions are set up go beyond a mere support role, and invent narrative procedures, offering a viewpoint on what is exhibited, literally and figuratively. The ideas are made into a scenario, expressed by means of micro-architectures (3), surprise installations (4) and strange objects (5). The drawings are highly demanding. Certain pieces of furniture were subsequently commissioned for public and private installations (6).

There is a genuine desire to create atypical worlds (7), with pervasive atmospheres (such as liquid image fountains) in which the viewer's attention is drawn, sometimes in a disturbing way, to the subject of the exhibition and the objects exposed. This intention is also evident in the attempt to create genuine living spaces in the exhibitions (8).

In a manner of speaking, this is original stage art inventing strategies in order to create a new way of seeing what is exhibited. Stage design in this context serves as a bridge between the subject of the exhibition and viewers' sensitivity.

She is a member of the Métaphorm’ group, which carries out design research and experimenting. She participated in "Design de gestes" Saint Etienne biennial 2006 catalogue.
She created the "Sweet-Home" installation for Nuits Blanches 2007.
She contributes to and participates in "design and stage design" workshops in arts and design schools.

(1) - “Jean Royère, décorateur ", exhibition, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, 1999 en collaboration with Mathieu Lehanneur.
(2) - 20 km of woven electric cable. "So Watt! du design dans l’énergie " exhibition. EDF Electra Space, Paris, 2007
(3) – Re-interpreting bus shelters in wire structures, stage design of the travelling exhibition "En attendant le bus du futur", RATP, Brussels, Geneva, Paris, 2006
(4) – Boubous (African garments) being made to breathe. Stage design for the "Le Boubou, c’est chic" exhibition, Musée des Arts Africains et Océaniens, Paris, 2002
(5) - Sales of light-boxes, "Pas de vie sans lux", for the "Lumières subjectives" exhibition, 15 square de Vergennes, Paris, 2003.
(6) - "Cool" Tables for the ENSCI restaurant area– “Les ateliers et Consoles “clous” for private interior decorating, Milan & New-York, 2008
(7) - 400 m2 of structures made entirely out of paper for the "25 years today " exhibition, ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Paris, 2008.
(8) - Bar with images and public fountains for the "25 ans aujourd’hui " exhibition, ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Paris, 2008.

Trafik is a creation bureaux made up of graphic designers, typographers, programmers and stage designers. Their recent projects include: Agence Andrée Putman website, Renault Truck design bureau graphics system, Lyon 2013 visual identity, 2008 Saint Étienne International Design Biennial Stage designing of Manufacture-Bâtiment H, IT system for controlling and managing phase 2 on the LaConfluence territory in Lyon (stage designing, website, blog, interactive module etc).
The great variety of core competencies in the workshop allows them to go beyond the traditional technician’s and graphic designer’s mindset, and to develop a totally new artistic approach.
Trafik dreams up projects on all types of media, whether traditional or multimedia, on its own initiative (SonikCube, Superlux,Dot tv) or on order.
This approach has resulted in the group being regularly invited to present its work in the framework of artistic events (Nuit Blanche 2007, Lux –Valence, La ferme du Buisson).

Recent projects / projects in progress:

– Andrée Putman Agency website
– Lyon Confluence professional identity and communication
– “Truc graphique” Renault Truck design bureau
– City of Saint Etienne, stage design biennal
– Visual identity and website for the LaMartinière-Diderot School
– Lyon National Beaux Art School Signing
– Lyon 20013 Visual Identity
– 1% artistic Le Liberté /City of Rennes

Exhibitions :

– SonikCube V.2 – Lux Valence / January - February 2008
– Superlux –Nuit Blanche – CréditMunicipal - Paris /October 2007
– SonikCube –Lyon School of Beaux arts - Sonik Cube /from 23 November to 21 December 2006
– Superstars – La Criée, Centre of Contemporary Art - Rennes /from 22 September 12 November 2006
– Trafik – La Ferme du Buisson, Centre Of contemporary Art - Paris /from 15 April to 2 July 2006
– Superlux –Galerie Roger Tator - Lyon/December 2003 - January 2004
– SonikWall – Sketch, Art gallery - London /from 13 September to 9 October 2004
–Objet –H2ptm03 /Paris 8 / 24, 25, 26 September 2003
– Signotek –Galerie Roger Tator - Lyon/December 1999 - January 2000

The EXYZT collective is a project platform that invites all life practices groups to put forward actions and situations that have been built up in the city. It was formed in 2003 subsequent to an architecture school diploma at La Villette. As a group it gathered its members in the course of meetings and common projects. Today this platform brings together around 20 people: Architects, constructors, graphic artists, photographers, video artists, gardeners, cooks etc. Each project provides the opportunity for a new collective configuration and a new situation in order to build together.

The EXYZT collective is committed to the idea that architecture is no longer a simple question of design and construction. We strive to consider architecture as a tool or a media for creation that combines in an organic way with all the skills and forms of know-how in a society, in a human community, or in a given situation in order to experience other ways of living and building together.

The EXYZT collective has been engaged in various projects and experiments since 2003.

• The Rab (June 2003) / a collective diploma at the Paris/ la Villette School of Architecture / a collective experience in occupation of an under-exploited plot of land at the Parc de la Villette.

• République éphémère [Ephemeral Republic](July 2004) / with EASA (European Architecture Student Assembly / a collective self-building game in the disused markets of the ‘Public Condition’ in Roubaix.

• Der Berg (July 2005) / with RAUMLABOR / an artificial mountain in the Palast der Republik in Berlin.

• EKTOP #1 (October 2005) / White Nights of Paris / a satellite in the market gardens of Paris.

• Station Extra Territoriale [Extra-terrestrial Station (October2005) / for the EME3 festival / a launch site for the Tour Agbar in the Poble Nou neighbourhood in Barcelona.

• Countryside Submarine (July 2006) / Festival of the Three Elephants / an immersion environment in a cocktail bar in the middle of the countryside of Lassay les Châteaux.

• Metavilla (September-November 2006) / with Patrick Bouchain for the Venice Architecture Biennal/ converting an exhibition Villa in France into a friendly living space.

• Labichampi (June 2007) / with K@2 /creation of an informal mushroom farm on the site of a former Soviet military base in Karosta en Latvia.

• Etienne de Crecy LIVE (2007 -2008) / with Etienne de Crécy / video installation for a live performance by Etienne de Crécy.

• SEKENSSOR (March-April 2008) / for the Composite festival in Compiègne / interactive sequenced video installation.

• Southwark Lido (July 2008) / for the London Festival of Architecture with Sara Muzio / an ephemeral crowd immersion bath in the Southwark neighbourhood in London.