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The Cité du Design would like also thanks :

EDIACAT – Lycée Thezenas du Montcel – Lycée Pablo Picasso – Lycée Joseph Haubtmann – Ecole maternelle Molina – Restaurant associatif Les Nomadines – A.G.E.F. – Collège Marc Seguin – Arcadie (Association Régionale pour la Culture, l’Apprentissage et la Découverte de l’Informatique et l’Enseignement) - Cibistes (Assistance CB 42) – CDDP – IUFM (Instituts Universitaires de Formation des maitres) – CAN (Comité des activités nouvelles)- Comédie de Saint-Etienne - UMIH LOIRE (union des restaurateurs).

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Becoming a partner

Within the framework of the biennial, the Cité du Design offers partnerships in exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and even area installations. These actions can be formalised through a contract (partnership or sponsorship).


Lilian Feger
General biennial Coordinator

Exhibition Partner:

Partner to an exhibition at the core of the Cité du Design working themes: The partner company selects one of the main themes of 2008 Saint Étienne International Design Biennial as a subject for the partnership. In this way the company becomes an exhibition partner, and will be associated with all of the communication actions. The enhancement action plan for this type of privileged partnership for the 2008 version, is then designed and implemented by the Cité du Design team with the partner company.

The main exhibition partnership enhancement actions are:
• participation in key moments in the biennial launch (press conferences, VIP meetings and biennial public relations actions etc).
• high-profile presence in the biennial communication tools; - being associated with the exhibition-related actions (workshops, meetings with prominent personalities and professionals, theme visits etc).
• becoming part of the network of economic players taking part in the biennial (institutional partners and Cité du Design founding partners);
• invitations to lectures and conferences associated with the exhibition and the company's focal points of interest, "exhibition Partner";
• the biennial team organises visits to the exhibition (for the company and/or its partners).

Becoming an exhibition partner as part of the Cité du Design's working themes, for the biennial, requires funding to the amount of € 20 000.

Workshop and lecture Partner:

Being a workshop partner (each workshop is part of an exhibition, and is specifically created for it) or a lecture/conference partner, allows your company to become involved in thinking on core aspects of its activity, strategy and issues. This type of partnership enables the company to take part in setting up the workshop or the conference.

The company is involved in organising and implementing the selected action (this may take the form of suggesting one of the speakers, presenting the company's expertise domains etc).

Enhancement and development of the partnership includes:
• invitations to highlights of the biennial, and more especially to key moments concerning the workshop or the conference in question: meetings with professionals, targeted public visits;
• being involved in the actions carried out within the framework of the workshop or the conference;
• high-profile presence in the communication tools linked to the workshop or the conference in question (presentation dossier, invitation to the workshop, biennial website page, workshops and conferences programs etc).

Becoming a workshop or conference partner to 2008 Saint Étienne International Design Biennial requires funding to the amount of € 10 000

Communication partner:

Being a communication partner to the biennial allows your company to be present in the biennial catalogue in the form of an advertisement page.
Distribution of the biennial catalogue is guaranteed for the entire duration of the event. It is sold on site, and is given free of charge to all public and private partners, as well as to the French and international press.
At the end of the biennial period, the catalogue will be distributed over all of the Cité du Design's national and international networks (economical, cultural, research, teaching and training).

Being a communication partner to the 2008 Saint Étienne biennial requires funding to the amount of € 5 000.

Competency partner:

Becoming a partner associated with exhibition area development in 2008 Saint Etienne International Design Biennial will make it possible for your company to apply its know-how to developing an area, or areas for meetings or conferences. Your company contributes its know-how and its equipment or material, and becomes directly involved in producing the biennial.
The participation of the competency Partner company will be valued and considered as a cash contribution. After valuation of the partnership, the values offered in exchange will be those described in partnership modes 1 or 2.

Sponsorship partner:

The Cité du Design offers a specific framework in which ongoing sponsorship actions by companies or foundations may take the following forms: exhibitions, publishing, seminars, etc. The Cité du Design thus invites cultural and economic players not directly concerned in research issues and design projects, to give support to its territorial and international development.
Within the framework of the Saint Étienne 2008 biennial, the Cité du Design offers exhibition or publishing partnerships in the form of sponsorships.
The sponsorship modalities are considered on a case-by-case basis by the Cité du Design management with the company or the foundation in question.