So Watt ! Du Design dans l'Energie.
Musée d'Art et d'Industrie

(In partnership with the Cité du Design)
an Exhibition-event by the EDF Diversiterre foundation.
Curator: Stéphane Villard – EDF Design

In facing energy issues today, how can we find more economical ways to use electricity, when it is such an important part of the dwelling-place? Thanks to design, the way we use electricity becomes tangible and visible, and the exhibition makes it possible for each of us to find ways of using electricity responsibly, harmonising comfort and care of the environment.
Poster so watt !, La bonne merveille.

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Solar paper lantern, Damien 0’Sullivan, 2004.

This luminaire is made of 36 miniature solar panels, each connected to an electroluminescent diode. The circular layout of the panels and their optimal angle of inclination ensure that they will capture a maximum amount of sunlight in order to charge the lantern’s battery.
The overall graphic design is a direct celebration of solar technology.

© Damien 0’Sullivan
Electrical Semaphore, EDF Design & Gilles Belley, 2005.

National energy production varies according to the time of day and the degree of intensity of our activities. It is during peak periods, with high energy requirements, that the impact on the environment is greatest. The ‘Electrical Semaphore’ provides realtime information on production variations by changing colour: green during off-peak hours, blue during peak hours, and orange for local production peak hours. This allows everyone to reduce consumption for a moment and so contribute to collective good energy management.

© Photo Véronique Huyghe
Project « In Luce », Positive Flow, 2006, Italy.

In the ‘In Luce' project, the collective energy consumption rate is displayed in realtime in public places in such a way as to raise awareness in each citizen of his her own consumption. This information will be projected by means of artistically creative luminous installations placed on architecturally striking buildings. This innovative communication technique from energy suppliers to consumers is combined with various services that facilitate and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle and smarter consumption habits.

© Positive Flow
Power-aware Cord, STATIC !, 2005, Suède.

As far as the Swedish artist Group Static is concerned, energy is a creative material in the same way as wood and metal.
The ‘Power-Aware Cord’ shows the energy consumption of the devices to which it is feeding power. It takes the form of a blue light along the power cord, with luminosity directly proportional to the watts consumed. Initially this item can be used as an experimental tool to show the power consumption of the various appliances in the house. In the long term, it can be used as a decorative display of daily electricity consumption.

© Photo Static!