Espace Ville de Saint-étienne et
Saint-étienne Métropole

The City of Saint étienne and Saint étienne Métropole present the Cité du Design, their newtool for developing economic and social change through design. This reception and exhibition space offers a chance to discover the missions of the Cité du Design, through a presentation of its actionstaken since 2007, in relation to the region andin collaboration with a number of local, regional, national and international partners.
These actions are presented in terms of the followingobjectives:
- Raising awareness among the general public
- Teaching and research
- Integrating design into the innovation and experimentation strategies of public and private economic players
- Developing the region through design
- Increasing the value of design internationally
The official inauguration of the Cité du Design will take place in October 2009.

Scenic artists : Atelier Cahen & Gregori

Hôtel D
Curator : Céline Savoye
The HÔtel D exhibition is a regional hotellery experiment: it comprises 12 rooms that have been reinterpreted by designers, including an event room at the Geoffroy Guichard Stadium.
HÔtel falls fairly and squarely into the category of territorial development, and its purpose is to encourage global thinking about hotellery. What kind of alternative might we invent to replace the conventional hotel?

About the designers :

Éric Jourdan
François Bauchet
Maud Rondard
Nicolas Tourette
Pascaline De Glo De Besses
Philippe Million
Marie Arnaudon
LBH concept
Atelier Cahen & Gregori

Download the hotels addresses

Hôtel du Cheval Noir, accueil,
Atelier Cahen & Gregori.

© Atelier Cahen&Gregori

Hôtel Continental Chambre 104,
Pascaline de Glo de Besses.

© Pascaline de Glo de Besses

Hôtel du Golf, suite 46,
Nicolas Tourette

© Nicolas Tourette

Hôtel du Golf, chambres 45 et 39,
Eric Jourdan, Projet non réalisé.

© Eric Jourdan

Hôtel Continental, chambre 206,
Maud Rondard.

© Maud Rondard

Hôtel Mercure, chambre 107,
Philippe Million, Projet non réalisé.

© Philippe Million

Maison bourgeoise des ar, suite,
Marie Arnaudon.

© Marie Arnaudon

Hôtel Le Terminus,
IKEA et Nicolas Tourette.

© IKEA et Nicolas Tourette

Hôtel du Golf, Suite,
Le Vieux Colombier.

© Le Vieux Colombier

Hôtel du Golf, Suite,
La Belle Histoire.

© La Belle Histoire