Flight Number Ten
Coordination : Chloé Heyraud - Internationals Relations : Josyane Franc
The Flight Number Ten exhibition, ever faithful to its generous and cosmopolitan vision of the biennial, is an illustration of the way designers see changing trends in societies, in customs and in ways of living everyday life. The exhibition is made up of three sequences.  

10 years> Céline Savoye, Éric Jourdan and Vincent Lemarchands, general curators of the previous biennials, are inviting designers who have made their mark, and who have become names to reckon with in the world of design.

> (in partnership with Culturesfrance) 2008 Saint Étienne International Design Biennial is a partner of the European Cultural Season, organised by Culturesfrance during the tenure of the French Presidency of the European Union.

THE OTHER CONTINENTS> are represented through a selection of designers.
Drying rack armchair, Guillem Ferram.

© Guillem Ferram

Beka chair, Andras Rigler.

© Andras Rigler

Torneo basket, Profilodesign.

© All rights reserved

Slippers and carpet, Oloop in collaboration with Tanja Zorn Gržel, Flying Slippers, 2005.

© Oloop

Levitating lamp and switch, Fiat Lux, 2007.

© Felipe Ribon

Multi-function platform, Little Red Dots, 2005.

© Nick Charnley, Nathaniel Walters, Little Red Dots

Side by side, Hilo.

© All rights reserved

Delo Lindo, prototype created in a workshop with students of the ESADSE, 1998.

© Delo Lindo

Kit Landi Chair, Adam§Harboth, 2000.

© Adam§Harboth

Survival Coupons, Kart, 1997-2000., Over a three-year period (1997-2000), Kart produced and distributed various coupons series (coupons for orgasms, fear coupons, power coupons, revolution coupons, miracle coupons etc), by way of declaring civic disobedience to oppose the invisible face of war.

© All rights reserved

A world of folk identity, Li Edelkoort, 2008.

© Li Edelkoort

Algue, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, 2004.

© Paul Tahon

Bottle of water Perrier, Nestlé Waters, Les Sismo, Antoine Fenoglio & Frédéric Lecourt, 2008.

© All rights reserved