City Eco Lab
Curators : Doors of perception (John Thackara)
What are the approaches taken by design in order to bring about much needed changes in our lifestyles, with a view to creating a sustainable world?
City Eco Lab is an event, a market of travelling projects that bears witness to experiments carried out around the country. For this reason, the 2008 biennial, will organise workshops, encounters and exchanges centred around daily life themes: foodstuffs, water, energy, mobility etc.  Visitors will be encouraged to think about how they might use these commodities in a more sustainable world.  

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Video footage of the building of City Eco Lab exhibition at "The Fabrique 5000".

© collectif EXYZT and Gaëlle Gabillet

Green messengers cargo bicycle, Saint Etienne.

© studio qooq

L’îlot d’Amaranthes, Emmanuel Louisgrand, L’îlot d’Amaranthes [The Isle of Amaranthes] (Lyon) is an artistic garden created by the artist Emmanuel Louisgrand occupying an abandoned plot, at the invitation of the Roger Tator Gallery. The Isle of Amaranthes has become a neighbourhood life centre, hosting organisations and associations.

© Galerie Roger Tator Lyon

Dott 07,  Design council.

© All rights reserved

Soup from city.

© Stéphanie David, association Focus

Lucky Mi Fortune cooking, Debra Solomon, Dishes prepared from leftovers found at supermarkets, restaurants, and markets. Transforming vegetables into good-looking delicious dishes.

© Debra solomon

Eating at work "Pline System", Julie Bouillaut, Graduation project, ENSCI, Paris, France, 2008. Cooking utensils, range of objects comprising a bowl, a plate and various accessories (bag-tablecloth)

© Julie Bouillaut

‘Re-lait’ [‘Relay’] enhancing direct sales on farm site through packaging and scenarios, Jean-François AIMÉ, DSAA Diploma project, Boulle School, Paris, France June 2008.

Materials :
Container : Light ‘ceralef’ ceramic
carrying handle : Waisted, perforated and embossed beech

© All rights reserved

Urban Loo Concept, Virginia Gardiner, 2007. Recovery and processing system for combustible excrement.

© All rights reserved

Reforestation Rucksack, Gil Machado Guigon de Araujo.

Equipment intended to help in transporting seedlings for reforestation of hard to access areas.

© All rights reserved

In a loop (baskets), Gwenaëlle Girard in partnership with Pascal Raffier, ESAD, Paris, 2008.

A project carried out in partnership with basket weavers from the Limousin region, using chestnut wood, a very abundant material in France, possessing numerous attributes (cheap, long-lasting, flexible etc).

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The germinator, teaching area, Exhibitions / workshops Défi Eco Design in the Loire.

The Cité du design, in collaboration with the PREAC design (a resource centre for Artistic and Cultural Education) and the CDDP de la Loire, are offering Saint Etienne Metropolis schoolchildren the opportunity to participate in an experimental project on the occasion of the 2008 Saint Etienne design biennal!

The five college classes will be able to participate in and observe at first hand, work on the following questions:
- what is yours School’s environmental footprint ?
- what are the design actions that you would propose in order to reduce this footprint ?

5 Colleges: Present and exhibit their productions
Gambetta, Saint Etienne : 17 November
Waldeck Rousseau, in Firminy: 18 November
Jean Rostand, in Saint-Chamond: 20 November
Sainte-Marie, in Saint-Chamond: 21 November
Valbenoîte, Saint Etienne: 24 November

2 designers : Marie Larat and Jean-Sébastien Poncet

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