Roxane Andres
Curator for Dedans, dehors, autour. État du corps [States of the Body]

Roxane Andrès is an independent artist-designer in Lyon and is simultaneously preparing a doctorate (Saint Etienne Doctorate Score) on the relationship between art and design, and more specifically, the relationship between design, art and medicine.
All of Roxane Andrès’ projects are concerned with reflections on care, therapy, and protection – all present in the medical world but also symbolic of today’s world. The concepts of transplant, prosthesis, implant, and hybridisation are part of the scientific vocabulary and provide inspiration both for practice and for the conception of design projects. Her favourite research themes are focused on care, transplant, prostheses and physical reconstruction, especially in children. These themes are grouped together in the form of an overall project entitled ‘A Different Way of Thinking’ in which several subjects are to be found side by side: Manufacturing Hearts, Original Sound Track, Exo-Organs, 23 Pairs of Chromosomes, Modules and Prostheses, Transplants etc.  All of these projects are a combination of object, creative work, sculpture and constructive game.

Roxane Andrès enquires into the vision of the body provided by the medical approach but also integrated into a research process on physical reconstruction in children at the Saint Etienne Bellevue Hospital Centre.
The Saint Etienne Medical of Technology Centre published a book entitled Tissue Transmission, part of A Different Way of Thinking, in 2006.

Catherine Beaugrand
Curator for Sugoroku,

Catherine Beaugrand is an artist and research worker in a language based on digital tools. She creates a privileged relationship with urban spaces, and is involved in architectural research.

Her career is studded with a wide variety of activities. A few examples:
Luna Park, 1997 (presented for the first time at Documenta X, Kassel, then in Madrid, Essen, Yokohama etc), Projet Holbein, 2000 (illustrating Utopias and the way they are represented, Tokyo, and subsequently by means of a projection on the facade of the Hotel Scribe, in Paris), Enigma Tournament, 2002 (in situ project, Tokyo), From Near and Far, 2006 (Digital Roads, Reims, Global LiFE : Japan(s), Saint-Nazaire) etc.

Since 2001, Catherine Beauregard has set up and directed research correlation and structure on the modes of existence of images.

She has been involved since 2006 in multimedia teaching activities at the Saint Étienne Higher School of Art and Design and is carrying out research between text, stage and video: currently she is involvedin creating a fictional work that combines various digital media, with the author and playwright Jacques Guimet as well as a collaboration with the writer Annie Zadek, in creating a performance film.

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Jérôme Delormas
Curator for 2036,

Jérôme Delormas has directed the Lux National Theatre in Valence since 2006, after having directed the contemporary Art Centre at the Ferme du Buisson. He has recently been appointed director general of the Gaîté Lyrique, the Parisian centre dedicated to Digital arts and urban music (to be opened in 2010). He also jointly directed Nuit Blanche 2007.

Prior to that, he notably was director of the French-Japanese Institute of the Kansai and the villa Kujoyama in Kyoto, Japan, after having been cultural attaché and director of the French Institute of Bilbao in Basque Country, Spain.

His itinerary has also been lateral, with forays into contemporary dance, music, graphic design and the visual arts. He is involved in artistic evolutionary trends brought about by emerging digital technology, especially through the projects of the artists that he accompanies in experimental fields.

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Claire Fayolle
Curator for Demain c’est aujourd’hui (Part-2),

As a journalist as well as a lecturer, she is qualified in art history.  She is responsible for the arts column in the Beaux-Arts magazine, and has been writing about design for 15 years, mostly for the specialised press. On France Culture radio, she took part in the "Transformes" program by Christophe Domino for two years.  She also co-produced the "Questions d’Objets" program.  She has lectured at the Saint Etienne Higher School of Art and Design, and has also taught at the ENSCI as well as Les Ateliers and at the Cantonal School of Art in Lausanne (ECAL).

Parallel to this, she collaborated in various events: Caravelles 2 (four-yearly International design festival), "Design: mirror of the century" (at the Grand Palais in Paris), and the Saint Étienne biennial.

She has authored several books including "C’est quoi le design?" [What is design?] published by Autrement. She is a member of the Association Internationale des critiques d’Art (AICA).

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Josyane FRANC

Josyane Franc
International Relation in change of Flight Number Ten,

Josyane Franc has been responsible for international relations at the Cité du Design and the Saint Etienne Higher School of Art and Design since 2006.  She organises, among other things, exhibitions, international seminars, and workshops, and coordinates European projects.

From 1989 on, she became deeply involved in promoting the School, and set up an international student exchange network with 40 establishments around the world. She has been a member of the founding team of the Saint Etienne biennial since its inception in 1998, and was responsible for Communications, press relations and international follow-through until 2004. She also participated in setting up Saint Étienne Commerce Design in 2003, in partnership with the City of Montréal.

For the 2008 Saint Etienne biennial, she organised the CUMULUS Design and Research International Conference.  She is responsible for international relations for the Flight Number Ten exhibition, especially for certain countries: China, India, Brazil, Central Europe, Estonia, Spain, Belgium, Morocco, Africa, Argentina and Québec.

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Elsa Francès
General Curator of the biennial,

Elsa Francès has directed the Cité du Design since 2005.

Appointed by Philippe Starck in 1993, Elsa Francès joined Tim Thom - the Thomson European design team - for the purpose of concepting new products: Television sets, video, audio, and telephony equipment for the Thomson, Saba and Telefunken.

She took part in designing and realising the "dream products " exhibited at the IFA in 1995.
In 1997, after Philippe Starck left, she was placed in charge of prospective design at Tim Thom, and in 1999 became "design manager" of the Thomson Scenium European product range.
In 2001, Tim Thom became a world team: the American and European teams were merged under the directorship of Gérard Vergneau.

Elsa Francès became "worldwide strategic design manager": she designed the structure and operating modes of the "strategic design" team, made up of eight people (graphic designers, product designers, Europeans and Americans) which she directs in Paris and Indianapolis.
In 2004, she became "strategic and creative design manager", thus bringing together the worlds strategic activity department and directorship of product creation in Europe.

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Curator of Flight number ten,

Received her training and diploma at the Saint Etienne Beaux Arts Regional School, art department, 2000.
Lectured in plastic arts (secondary school) from 2001 to 2004.
Specialised management and communication training in cultural organisations in 2005.
Saint Etienne 2006 International Design biennal Coordinator.
Cité du Design project chief since 2007.

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Marc Partouche
Curator for Dedans, dehors, autour. État du corps [States of the Body],

Marc Partouche is:

Holder of a doctor's degree in history of art and aesthetics,
Historian and theoretician of arts and contemporary culture.
In charge of research, and the Ministry of culture and communication plastic arts delegation.
Scientific adviser to the Cité du Design.

While conducting the career of high-ranking civil servant at the Ministry of Culture, he is also involved in various activities in the service of contemporary creation: managing higher schools, organising exhibitions, creating and distributing reviews and magazines, creating and directing book publishing collections.

He is also leading research and writing about creators: publishing a large number of articles, texts for art catalogues, books written and created by artists, especially:

Marcel Duchamp. Sa vie même (published by al dante)
La ligne oubliée. Bohèmes, avant-gardes et art contemporain, de 1860 à nos jours, (published by al dante).
Une vie de banlieue. Sur les photographies d’Alain Leloup (published by Hazan),
Les Déchargeurs. Manifeste de l’individualisme Solidaire (published by FRAC),
Mauvais oeil et peinture abstraite (published by Sgraffite),
Orlan (published by Jéricho).

He is also responsible for editing books notably:
Isou. Contre l’Internationale Situationniste (published by H.C.),
W.Flusser.  Les gestes (published by H.C.)

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Curator for L’appartement géant,

He is an architect, as well as lecturer at the Saint Étienne Higher School of Art and Design. In 1991, he opened the Michel Philippon & Collaborateurs studio in Geneva before creating the MP production agency in 1997. He will be focusing on several themes:

  > Architecture: new buildings, transformations and renovations, including Childrens' House in Geneva, and Library House in Geneva.

  > Developing countries: surveys and rehabilitation projects in Albania.

  > Public space: urban development, (Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux).

  > Stage designing and games: Exhibitions/games (France, Italy, Dubai).

  > Training and research: France and Switzerland.

  > Games: games and cultural development projects (France, Italy, Switzerland).

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Le Pape Stéphanois du Libre
Curator for Le Garage,

Gilles Roussi is a French artist, and has created numerous sculptures centred on issues relating to modern life, notably electronic devices.

From 1970-1990, he contributed along with other artists, to bringing the scientific and artistic worlds closer, and was engaged in research into the issues of modern life.

He lectures at the Saint Étienne Higher School of Art and Design, where he regularly organises "ARC" workshops (research and creation workshops) with his students and with students from other schools such as the Saint Étienne Higher National School of Mines. The most recent (2006-2007) focuses on the "erasure", and calls upon state-of-the-art technologies, philosophy, art, theology and applied mathematics.

Some of the books he has written concerning new technologies:
Tard dans la nuit, [Late at Night] 1983
Bon robot, [Good Robot] 1994
Trois colonnes, [Three Columns] 1998,1999
Plaidoyer pour les Droits de l’homme, [in Favour of Human Rights] 2000

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John thackara
Curator for City Eco Lab,

John Thackara is currently director of the Doors of Perceptions design innovation network.
Doors is a worldwide network of designers, thinkers and other people active in the research and innovation domains. Doors is interested in new ways of generating services, in new technologies aimed at improving daily living, and makes use of design in order to carry them out.
John Thackara is curator at the main exhibition at City Eco Lab. The exhibition will be showing research focus on the needs of a sustainable world, on the scale of the town and its neighbourhoods.

It serves as the basis for projects and festivals, in which citizens, designers, experts and thinkers all participate. They will be active along two avenues of exploratory thinking: "What would our life be like in a sustainable world?" And "how can Design help us to get there?"

Since 2008 John Thackara has also directed the "Designs of the time" program (Dott 07). He is notably the author of "In the Bubble": Designing in a Complex World” published in 2005.

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Emmanuel TIBLOUX

Emmanuel Tibloux
Curator for N-1,

Emmanuel Tibloux has been director of the Saint Étienne Higher School of Art and Design since September 2007.

He was born in 1966.  He was trained at the École normale supérieur at Fontenay/Saint-Cloud. Emmanuel Tibloux was lecturer-researcher in the Arts and Drama department at the University of Rennes 2 (1993-2000), director of the French Institute in Bilbao (2000-2004) and director of the École régionale des Beaux-Arts in Valence (2004-2007).

He has written around 20 articles on literature, aesthetics, the humanities and contemporary thought in various magazines including ArtPress, L’infini, Les Temps modernes, Le Nouveau recueil, Chambre avec vue, Textuel, EspaceTemps, Digraphe, Lignes etc.

He coordinated the "Que peut la poésie?" dossier [What Can Poetry Do?] for Le Nouveau Recueil (number 63, 2002) and the "Georges Bataille" issue of Temps modernes (nº602, 1999).

He collaborated in the publication by Pléiade of the novels and books by Georges Bataille  (2004); Portfolio  "G. Bataille", ADPF, 1996.


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Isabelle Vérilhac
Curator for Design et compagnies,

Holds a doctorate in material chemical physics, and lectures in industrial design.  Isabelle Vérilhac was director of the Saint Etienne Medical Technologies Centre from 2003 to 2007, and has worked in design, in medical research and development activities. Currently she is in charge of relations with economic players at the Cité du Design and, in partnership with territorial collectivities .

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